Bible Reading How-To Guide

by Matt Carter

We have produced six short lessons that provide a brief overview of how to read the Bible. These guides are designed to give a starting foundation for getting Christian meaning out of Scripture. They were designed to be used in the order presented below. We offer them to you in written, audio, and video formats.

Although both are valuable, we strongly believe that the priority for contemporary Christians should be to spend time within Scripture rather than to spend time talking about Scripture. The purpose of these guides is to facilitate Scriptural sense-making.

We also believe that biblical sense-making requires both personal and communal immersion in the Bible. We urge everyone to join with their local fellow Christians in practicing the spiritual discipline of Bible reading. That is also the best context for talking about what we read in Scripture.

  1. Biblical Meanings Guide
  2. Understanding the Bible Guide
  3. Progressive Revelation Guide
  4. Immediate Layer Guide
  5. Covenantal Layer Guide
  6. Metanarrative Layer Guide

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