About John

by Matt Carter


The Jesus portrayed in John is the Son of God who accomplishes the redemption plan for salvation. The emphasis throughout John's gospel is on Jesus as the Son of God, having a unique relationship with God the Father. Especially in John, Jesus is no mere moral leader. Jesus is the ultimate revelation of his Father, and he is the only way to eternal life.

While the other three gospel writers begin their historical narratives with Jesus' beginning, John begins his gospel with the Son of God actively involved in the creation of all things. This is also emphasized in John with the high priestly prayer of John 17 and the many "I am" sayings throughout his gospel. 

Given Jesus is the Son of God, how does John tell us how to follow him? We follow Jesus, according to John, by being loved by God and by showing that same to love to one another. Discipleship for John is characterized by love. John 13:34-35 makes this clear. Discipleship for John is conceived and conducted in love.

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