• Hosea Facts

    14 chapters
    197 verses
    4,963 words
    Minor Prophets Genre

  • Hosea Word Cloud

    This word cloud picture shows the most repeated words in Hosea

  • Hosea Videos

    These are short videos about Hosea, most include slides.

  • Writings about Hosea

    Christian education materials about Hosea, including book overviews, reading guides for the Minor Prophets genre, discussion questions, discipleship lessons, and thought-provoking essays.

  • Audio about Hosea

    Audio companion guides for reading as well as book overviews

  • Hosea Daily Readings

    Start reading or listening to Hosea and its associated daily observations on Day 248 when Hosea begins

  • Map of Hosea

    An interactive map of the places identified in Hosea

Map of Hosea